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Learn Spanish in Spain / Almería.

"Almeria has captchured my heart and sole." 

That´s what people say when they leave Almería to return home. 

It is a place with alot of natural beauty and wonderful landscapes. The people are open friendly and above all ready to communicate to you their way of life and language. Watch a short clip of Almería and then we will talk further on the optiones of doing a Spanish course and trips in Spain Almería with Gold Idiomas.






Learn Spanish in Spain


Why Study Spanish in Spain Almería?


  • Spain Almería, is home to delicious food, rich culture and beautiful landscapes ranging from renowned beaches to historical locations.

  • When you study Spanish in Spain, you get the benefit of language immersion all day long. Whether you're in class or riding down the main street you will be surrounded by the Spanish language.

  • As travel in Europe is relatively inexpensive, Spain is the perfect choice for those looking to discover Europe on a budget!


    Learn Spanish in Spain with Gold Idiomas

    We offer a variety of Spanish courses in Spain at our language school on the Mediterranean.  Choose whether you want to learn Spanish in Spain while relaxing at the beach doing a full time course, exploring the city of Almeria, or part time cource with more time to enjoy the city and way of life.


    Learning Spanish in Spain

    Our study abroad courses begin every Monday and run for a duration of 2 weeks to a full academic year. When you start to study Spanish in Spain is totally up to you!

    Below we provide only a short summary of the programs we offer to let you learn Spanish in Spain. For more information, please contact us via our email or call us.


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