Mowgli / India Primary Project






Mowgli is a boy of the jungle and his family is a pack of Wolfs. He has lived in the jungle for many years and he is starting to visit the village where there are other boys and girl. He lives in the jungle and he has learnt what the power of fire can do.



You are flying into India and you want to visit many place around India. First you need to visit some of the cities, village and monuments around India.  You will investigate different areas around India and learn some customs of India. So your first task is to work on a fact file for India. Once finished you can then present what you know about India and its locations and monuments. 



Mowgli has for the first time has to visit the big city. Here he learns about poverty of people living in big cities. He also becomes sick and has to go to the doctors. So he must learn how to tell the doctor what is wrong.

You will help Mowgli and investigate about poverty of the Indian slums and present solutions of what we could do. Secondly you need to help Mowgli go to the doctors. He doesn't speak English and you need to help him go to the doctors.



Final Task. Is to show Mowgli how to go shopping and he must learn how to use money and know how much things cost. So your final task is to write a role-play when you go shopping and what food you could buy in Indian shops and the costs of the goods.


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article 2