Task 3 Australia




The final task is to work in groups of 2 and investigate and present to the class one of the 4 topics below.


1. To investigate Aborigines people and what they eat / ate.

2  To investigate how the Aborigines hunted for food.

3. To investigate Aborigines Art.

4. How did they live?.


+ To use past and present perfect grammar with relevant expressions.


+ To work in a small team each person producing relevant work.


+ To use photos, videos, models and graphs if needed specifically to present on card.


+ To present your topic orally in front of the class. "NOT TO BE READING FROM THE CARD"





1. All team members work together and be an active part of the solution


2. Everyone has to have a copy of the letter in there note book.


3. You must work in team with your specific roles.


4. All work to be original and not copied.

Article 2

article 2