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In England...

Do stand in line:  

In England we like to form orderly queues (standing in line) and wait patiently for our turn e.g. ´standing in line for the post office. It is usual to queue when required, and expected that you will take your correct turn and not push in front. Spanish people ask who is the last person and then stand where ever in England you stand behind the last person.

Do take your hat off when you go indoors (men only)

It is impolite for men to wear hats indoors especially in churches, women on the other hand, its excepted.

Do say "Excuse Me":  

If someone is in your way and you would like them to move out of the way,  you say excuse me and they will move out of your way.

Do Pay as you Go:

Pay for drinks as you order them in pubs and other types of bars. In Spain you normally pay at the end when you finished but in England you pay when you order. Also when you buy food in some restaurants you need to go to the counter to order and pay.

Do say "Please" and "Thank you":

It is very good manners to say "please" and "thank you". It is considered rude if you don't. You will notice in England that we say 'thank you' a lot. Even when its not out fault we will still appologise.

Do cover your Mouth:

When yawning or coughing always cover your mouth with your hand. The norm now is also to use a hankchief.

Do Shake Hands:

When you are first introduced to someone, shake their right hand with your own right hand making sure its firm and straight. Its notto nice to recieve a soft , weak hand shake. 

Do Drive on the left side of the road

Do open doors for other people

Men and women both hold open the door for each other. It depends on who goes through the door first.

In England...

Do not greet people with a kiss:
We only kiss people who are close friends and relatives. This is changing but slowly.

Avoid talking loudly in public 

Do not ask a women her age
It is considered impolite to ask a women her age

Avoid doing gestures such as backslapping and hugging
This is only done among close friends.

Do not spit.
Spitting in the street is considered to be very bad mannered.

It is impolite speak with your mouth full of food  

Never eat off a knife when having a meal.


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