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Project based learning

Lets make it Student Centered.


Well is allows your students/ children to develop a mind set of solving problems and becoming an autónomos child in the 21st century. Your child needs different skills than it did 20-40 years ago. Memorizing information is just a waste of time. Sorry to say but you have google to do that. This is not to say you don´t take in any information you do. A lot more and in a more natural process, providing your child with the relevant skills provided.

I have used this approach which i have picked up from various different sources over the many years teaching.




ENGAGE : Engage your student means to ask questions, allow them to ask questions, let them lead the ideas and find out what they want to learn with in the curriculum and project outlines you have planned.


EXPLORE : To get your students to investigate, use different material, readings, images, sources of information which will allow your students to identify and develop skills and competentes in manipulating different medias and technology.


EXPLAIN : Here in this section is the moment where by you involve the grammar, idea, information which is core to there learning and use of skills. You can demonstrate the skills they need to use with examples of work or ideas.


ELABORATE : Students then practice these new skills in a real world senario or environment/ problem thus giving them a deeper and broader involvement and understanding of the problem and how to solve the situation.


EVALUATE : Students evaluate there performance as well as the teacher, on the key concepts and skill achieved. With focus on how to improve for the next time.


If we want our students to grow and have a growth mindset then we also need to have a system which can grow and adapt to the group, individual and our planning/ training models.




Project Based Learning

What exactly is project based learning?

As a teacher, I have always been searching, educating myself and learning new techniques over the past few years of teaching English to Spanish speakers. Project based learning is one of the ways that I have found to stimulate and motivate 80–100 % of the class, to engage, explore and use the information that they have received, learnt or found. In project-based learning, students work in groups to solve challenging problems that are authentic, curriculum-based, and often interdisciplinary. Learners decide how to approach a problem and what activities to pursue. They gather information from a variety of sources and synthesize, analyze, and derive knowledge from it. Their learning is inherently valuable because it's connected to something real and involves adult skills such as collaboration and reflection. At the end, students demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge and are judged by how much they've learned and how well they communicate it. Throughout this process, the teacher's role is to guide and advise, rather than to direct and manage, student work. (Solomon, 2003)

Project based learning allows students to:

Come up with a solution to a real-world problem.

Be inspired and engaged.

Research their topic.

Work collaboratively.

Develop confidence.

Think critically and come up with solutions by themselves.

Present their work/ ideas/ solutions in a variety of ways.


What do teachers need to do?:

Develop a clear purpose for the project.

Carefully design the project.

Pose challenging questions.

Support the team and communication.

Evaluate their material.

Model solutions and strategies to overcome difficulties found

Use real life problems.


How I try and start a project is with 5 clear points that need to be followed.




It’s a method I have found and used extensively.



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