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Pet B1

Exam Part 1 Questions Examples

1.       Where do you live?

2.       Do you work or are you a student?

3.       Do you enjoy studying English?

4.       What did you do yesterday?

5.       What do you enjoy doing in your free time

6.       What’s your favourite sport?

7.       Tell us about where you live?

8.       Tell us about your family?

9.       How often to you play tennis?

10.   What’s your favourite school subject?

11.   Have you always lived here?

12.   Have you ever been to a pop concert?

13.   I went to Cairo last year and you?

14.   Can you play the piano

15.   What time do you go to bed

16.   Where is your school/ work?

17.   What do you usually do in the morning?

18.   What food do you enjoy?

19.   Tell me about your mother?

20.   What things do you enjoy doing with your friends

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