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ISE 2 Senarios Speaking Section

1.    My friend doesn’t want to go to University he would prefer to work, what do you think?

2.    My sister says that she is going to get married but she is only 18 years?

3.    My nephew wants to give up doing math’s at school so he could concentrate on his football classes.

4.    My brother wants to move out of his parents’ house but he doesn’t have a job?

5.    A friend of mine is always playing sport but I never see him I don’t think it’s a good idea, he is losing his friends?

6.    My son wants to leave school and to start work?

7.    My cousin wants to start up a new business in your city?

8.    My family says that I must stop seeing this friend because she is a bad influence on me?

9.    My nephew writes really badly because he always types on the computer?

10.My friend has decided to leave his job and go traveling around the world for a year but he might not get his job back when he’s finished?

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